What are these networking and business groups, and what do they do?

Throughout Kitsap County, local business owners have joined together to form small “ad-hoc” peer groups that use the power of networking and education to grow their businesses. XLR8 Kitsap strongly supports this concept. We will work with existing groups and help to create new groups where they are needed.

Will these groups be managed by XLR8 Kitsap?

No. Each group will maintain their independence. They will have their own rules, manage their own operations, and charge whatever fees they want. XLR8 Kitsap will be there to support and help these groups grow. Even the groups we create will be independent once they are formed.

What kind of educational resources will you provide?

We are working closely with Kitsap SCORE and other organizations to provide educational resources. These will include basic business workshops for new businesses, plus business improvement classes. We will also provide materials that will help businesses work smarter and more profitably.

Educational resources include a calendar of seminars and clinics for participating members to attend and a list of speakers and topics for local groups to use to improve their own meetings.

What will XLR8 Kitsap website and social media sites do?

The website will list all the groups and the businesses associated with them. It will also provide contact and calendar information, when and where the group meets, how to join, basic rules, etc. Any business owner that joins XLR8 Kitsap will have company information listed on our website.

We will also provide information on any educational opportunities that are available to local businesses regardless of the organization that is providing it. Finally, we will have business news, community events, and articles that will benefit our members. We will have a Facebook and other social media sites that will allow our members to communicate with each other and develop opportunities for them to share information. Sorry, no commercials.

We will also provide newsletters and alerts to our members with business information and articles. Members who sign up for our newsletter will not have their email addresses sold or provided to any outside entity or provided to any other organization without permission.

How will XLR8 Kitsap generate funds?

Like every non-profit organization, we will do fund- raising events, seek grants and donations from the community and other organizations.

We will also offer sponsorship opportunities to members who would like to sponsor events or the website. When we host conferences, we will have booth space and conference sponsors.

Will networking group members be required to make donations?

No. A business owner does not have to contribute anything to participate and can enjoy the benefits of our services without investing any funds.

We intentionally created our organization to allow start-ups and cash strapped businesses to have resources for growth while improving their cash flow for future capital development.